The Road to Salvation

a multimedia serial story by Laura Cushing

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If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, what paves the way to salvation?

Orville Deacon, the charismatic televangelist who hosts The Road to Salvation, has been embroiled in a scandal of epic proportions. Sex, drugs, and inappropriate use of donations - he's accused of it all. In the midst of the investigation, he commits suicide - leaving behind his wife Mary and their four sons - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The story is told primarily from the perspective of the four brothers as they search to redefine their lives in the light of their father's suicide, and his secret life they never knew.

Each of the four Deacon brothers has their own separate journal to post from. The story takes place shortly after their father's suicide.

The Deacon Brothers
matthew_deacon, age 26. Matthew is currently in Los Angeles. He is currently managing a small cafe.
mark_deacon, age 23. Mark is currently in New York City, pursuing his stage acting.
luke_deacon, age 21. Luke lives in Palo Alto with his wife, Lucy. He owns a hobby shop.
johnn_deacon, age 16 . John lives at home with his mother, Mary. He is currently in therapy.

You will also see posts from:
mary_deacon - widow, mother of the four boys.
orville_deacon- deceased.

extra_salvation will also make an occassional appearance, for matterial that doesn't come from one of these other sources.

Story will be told through a variety of media - newspaper clippings, phone calls, postcards, photographs, journal entries, etc. This is a serial that will be posted in installments as they are written, and as time allows. In order to follow along, please join the community. While you are welcome to comment on entries, only myself and the characters should post in the community. Please feel free to spread the word - the more the merrier.

The pictures I used to represent the brothers are from Models.com . I claim no ownership of copyright over these pictures, or the people depicted in them. They're for illustration purposes only, and will be removed/credited if the original copyright holder desires. The community icons were found on LJ - let me know if you made one, and I'll credit you if you desire.

The rating of the story is expected to be PG-13. There will be some swearing and some depiction of drug use/drinking/etc. There will be discussion of suicide, and the aftermath thereof. There will NOT be any graphic violence or graphic sexual content. There will be religious issues of various sorts. There will be people of various sexualities. If any of these things offend you, or will trigger one of your own issues- I am not responsible. By joining this community, you are accepting these terms. If you don't like these things and don't want to see them... don't join the community. Don't tell me I'm going to burn in hell, or ask me if I'm saved. The author's religion or lack thereof is not a factor in the story. Trolls and drama bringers will be removed and banned without response.

That being said- welcome to the community! Feel free to drop me a line at my journal, charisma , or by email at L@labarc.com if you have any suggestions and/or comments.