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How you can contribute...

The Road to Salvation is a multi-media story that is told through words, music, art, audio, photography, video - whatever we can put together to bring the story alive. As such, I am in need of contributions on a near constant basis. We cannot offer much- just credit and a link to your website - but your work will be enjoyed by many, and will help further what will hopefully be a worthwhile story. Under each category, I will list things that we particularly need- but please don't limit your submission to just those! If you've got a gallery or an album - let me browse and chances are I'll find something that I'm more than happy to work into story.

Please send your submission to L@labarc.com with a subject of Submission so it doesn't wind up in the junk mail by accident. You can also reach me by AIM at Lab Arc Designs if you'd like to discuss your work directly. Please include how you want to be credited, your name, and the name of the piece.

Here's what we particularly need at this time:

Flash animations

Themes: I'd particularly be interested in things with a Christmas / New Years type theme ; cartoons containing social commentary on the Salvation Road scandal or televangelism in general ; representations of the characters

Desperately seeking people who would like to portray the characters in this story! Please, help me not to get sued - right now, I'm just using random pictures of models from Models.com with a disclaimer that will hopefully keep my ass out of the line of fire. But wouldn't it be so much nicer to have willing participants? Models must submit a clear photograph of themselves (non-nekked please! It isn't that kind of story!), and be willing to take additional photos to fit into the story. State in the email which character you are applying for. Must be reliable - please don't apply for this if you're not dependable, as I'd hate to recast the character once we get started. You will be listed in the credits section, along with a link of your choice. Models are needed for the following characters -

Mary Deacon (older woman, mid to late forties in appearance)

Secondary characters -

Fernando Reyes (late teens)

Two FBI agents (any age or description)
other extras (any - just submit a photo!)

any other music

Specifics: Any genre of music will be considered. You must be the copyright holder of the music, or in the case of a cover you must be the one who covered it and indicate who the original creator was.

Themes: Suicide, depression, isolation, drug abuse, separation, family, brotherhood, love, loss, uncertainty (etc etc - as the story unfolds, many new situations will come up that I'll need music for. So please, don't hesitate to submit your music)


Specifics: Black and white or color or photoshoped - it's all okay

Themes: Particularly looking for photography from LA and NYC areas, city scenes, urban decay,, an acoustic guitar, a psychiatrist's office, a fancy house, photos that could represent the characters in the story.

Technical / Consultant:
Do you know how to do something techno-nifty that would help in our storytelling? Please share! Do you have a particular area of expert knowledge that relates to the story? Perhaps you have a background in religion or televangelism, or you know the streets of New York like the back of your hand. I'd love to be able to talk to you about what you know, to help keep the realism going.

Voice Actors:
We would like to have some voice posts. LJ gives you a phone post feature that could be used, or a recording that's posted as an MP3. I am particularly interested in casting the brothers, but we need voice actors for all the characters. If we could get the same people who model for the characters to do the voices, that'd be great -but it's not absolutely necessary. Voice acting would involve being given a script, or possibly a small bit of improv. Must be reliable - I don't want to have to recast in the middle of the story. To audition, please send an mp3 of your voice ,or a link to a phone post where I can hear your voice. You would be listed on the credits page, along with a link of your choice.

Mary Deacon (older woman, mid to late forties)

Secondary characters -

Fernando Reyes (late teens)

Two FBI agents (any age )
other extras (any age )
And perhaps most importantly...

Read along. Enjoy the story. Offer suggestions, and comments. We love comments! Spread the word - tell your friends and family what we're doing here.


Jan. 3rd, 2007 05:43 pm (UTC)
I'd be really interested in voice acting.

I've done voice overs for instructional videos and have background in film acting (nothing major, indie and short films), and I LOVE LOVE LOVE opportunities like this.

Not to mention I'm a long time Mod for an RP, so I know how committed one has to be to stay the long haul (i.e. I won't jump ship).

If interested, let me know what you need me to do.
Jan. 3rd, 2007 06:23 pm (UTC)
I just need a voice sample, and which character you'd like to do the voice for.

Send to L@labarc.com and thank you!
Jan. 3rd, 2007 07:11 pm (UTC)

It might take a day or so until such time I can dig out my microphone.

I'll probably want to shoot for John.

I can do different voice tones and accents as well, so I'm open.

I'll get the e-mail to you soon.
Jan. 7th, 2007 08:41 am (UTC)
Alright, done and done. I have sent you two voice samples to audition for the part of John.

I just figured I'd notify you here as well, so as I could be certain the e-mails reached their destination.

(With stuff like this, I feel one can never be too prepared or careful, especially with how technology messes with us)
Jan. 7th, 2007 04:06 pm (UTC)
Got them- will listen today and reply.


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