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Got a question? Ask it as a comment here and we will reply. Here's some to get you started.

Who is Laura Cushing? My usual bio is 'Laura Cushing yet lives', which doesn't really help any here, does it? A bit more detail- I'm a 36 year old woman who lives in the Pine Barrens of NJ. I'm married to a wonderful guy named Aus, and I have three teenage children.

Are you a published author? Yes. I've had short stories, poetry, and non-fiction articles published. You can see my work in literary magazines such as the Santa Clara Review & Populist Art, and in smaller publications like Caravan and It Takes All Kinds. I also have musician interviews up at The Midnight Hurrah, and an article that Neopets.com uses in their press kit. One of my short stories, California People, won a short story prize from Life For Change. I have recently finished a novel (Tequila Sunset) and a short story collection (Michael's Story) - you can read the rough drafts of these at tequila_sunset and michael_malone. I also enjoy spoken word performances at festivals, cafes and libraries.

What is your religious background? Primarily atheist, on good days - agnostic. I was raised Roman Catholic, and have at various times in my life studied Christianity, Buddhism, and other world religions. And no, I don't hate religion or religious people- I believe that everyone has a right to find faith in whatever they so choose. My personal faith just doesn't happen to be in a higher power.

Why are you writing this? I needed a project after finishing my novel - and this idea came to me. I decided that instead of working on another book, I'd do it as a serial novel. I wanted to add a level of interactivity - and that's how it became a multimedia event.

How can I participate? See this post for what we currently need, and thanks!

How can I contact you? AIM : Lab Arc Designs , or email L@labarc.com . My personal journal is charisma.

Did you steal my icon? Maybe! Though not intentionally. I have a bad habit of forgetting to write down where icons came from. If you made one of these and want credit for it, just write in and I'll be happy to put your name in the credits. Thanks!

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